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Being A Christian Business

    There are businesses in and around the local area that are proud to be run by, owned by, and employ Christians. We believe that being in business does not excuse us from demonstrating the most basic principles of Christian living. In fact, we want to demonstate that these principles should be fundamental to the way in which we do business. By working with us, you can be sure that we endeavour to:

    • Always be fair and equitable in our pricing
    • Treat everyone with respect and compassion
    • Be thankful to God for our blessings
    • Work mindfully and know that our talents are God-given
    • Seek to improve our society and the lives of others through our actions

    Here are links to businesses that subscribe to this:

  • - business support consultant


  • - Christian Teeshirt Company (coming soon)


  • - Marquee and Wedding Service


  • - The Walnut Tree Childcare in Stamford