Some of the current Lectures delivered by The Capable Manager

Social Media Lectures

The Capable Manager is one of the top lecturers currently delivering Social Media training for Enterprising Women. In addition The Capable Manager is now growing in stature as an expert in Europe and in Education, lecturing at Fontys - a specialist University in Holland and Northampton University as part of employability; while her lectures are also sought in the private sector: '.. a great presentation at yesterday's seminar, so many people appreciated your approach in recommending where they can actually make a start with Social Media.'

Kathy Slater, The Direct Selling Association

Building Websites

Empowering women, saving money, and demonstrating knowledge in the network as an accessible resource. All of these were delivered in this specialised lecture developed on request by members of the Enterprising Women network.

'I wanted to email to thank you for the brilliant workshop. I now feel I can have a go at creating my website. I loved your presentation and your enthusiasm and I feel suitably inspired! I will definitely look out for any other workshops you run and am already recommending you to everyone I meet!' - Karen Vallerius, VintageVie

Sustaining Competitiveness

Almost 'an MBA in a day' this is a challenging lecture universally welcomed by business leaders who want focused and inspiration, especially during strategic reviews and when revisiting the vision and mission of their organisations.

First aired at The Business Club in North London, attendees thanked The Capable Manager for pitching high, expecting the audience to engage, and delivering a lecture that exceeded its aims.

Published in business newsletters and in franchised magazines, this is a staple for businesses who are keen to manage their knowledge and increase growth.

Some of the current Lectures in development by The Capable Manager

Reflective Learning


Currently in development and being tested for Higher Education in Europe as both a learning support module for students and teaching support/refresher for faculty staff.


A major point of learning is the ability to recognise reflective learning in other areas to unpack resistance and enable modelling for successful study.

Leadership and Culture


Currently in development and being tested for both the commercial sector and college courses in business and management.


Covering culture and how to change it, power, and the number one most important skill that businesses have to develop.



Currently in development and being tested on request from an Independent School.


As a UK Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador, The Capable Manager will be lecturing on Entrepreneurship in reality, and in the workplace. Designed to enable students at critical stages in learning Social Sciences and in the process of making career choices, primary points cover three manifestations of entrepreneurship that every student should hear.