Read about some of The Capable Manager's success stories

Social Media Lectures

The Capable Manager is one of the top lecturers currently delivering Social Media training for Enterprising Women. In addition The Capable Manager is now growing in stature as an expert in Europe and in Education, lecturing at Fontys - a specialist University in Holland and Tresham College in Northamptonshire; while her lectures are also sought in the private sector:

'.. a great presentation at yesterday's seminar, so many people appreciated your approach in recommending where they can actually make a start with Social Media.'

Kathy Slater, The Direct Selling Association

Social Enterprise Start Up

Working with a number of donors, The Capable Manager is the driving force behind a Social Media start up. With a blog on Memorandums and Articles of Association in the post-Companies Act 2006 framework garnering much praise and thanks, The Capable Manager is taking this business start up forwards from concept, formation, funding, and operations. With a growing facebook page, hundreds of targeted and relevant international followers on Twitter, and multiple stakeholder groups, Mi-tee Limited is a tour de force in Entrepreneurship, and Social Enterprise and Ethics.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Now recognised by the European

Commission initiative ENFEA, The Capable Manager was nominated by Enterprising Women as an inspiring role model and coach.

'By using simple techniques I have seen growth across each customer type year on year .  The Capable Manager is not for the feint-hearted. She is highly focused and very successful at supporting business people like me to get real results.'

Felicity Kemp, Talk Results

Website Design

Website design can speak for itself, but The Capable Manager specialises in visualising clients' company ethos and the values of the people within them. By working literally alongside clients, The Capable Manager has created some beautiful and extremely effective websites that have boosted business: And with 2fmedia:

Blog and Tender Writing

There are a lot of people who can write, but not every one of them can win awards or multi-million pound contracts. The Capable Manager specialises in writing 'blogs of note' and won an award (under a clients name) for 'Most Useful Blog'. The Capable Manager's own blog can be seen by searching terms such as 'toxic employees', 'social enterprise articles of association', and 'list your blog on technorati' - all of which will give a top 3 Google listing.
The Capable Managers tender writing skills have won supply contracts for organisations throughout the UK and total in the millions for value of new business won.

Marketing Strategy

One truly valuable way that clients engage The Capable Manager is through commissioning a marketing strategy. By combining your business information with research and industry standards, TCM helps you define your brand, position it effectively for your market, and provides tangible time-sensitive and priced marketing suggestions designed to make your business better. With recent projects in Business Coaching, Retail Fashion, Printing, and for Recording Artists, The Capable Manager can help unlock the power of your business and its place in the market. Update your old one, or put in place your first one.

Upskilling Team Managers

With experience in Public Sector and Third Sector team management of complex groups across multiple skill-sets, The Capable Manager is passionate about managing people well and with an understanding and awareness of culture. Great people management is at the heart of a great business and superior performance - as well as being ethically sound and cost-effective. The Capable Manager can coach your team managers and help them to understand and put in place attitudes and processes that drive excellence across your organisation.

Business Processes

The Capable Manager has successfully worked with businesses and organisations to improve processes. At Leicester YMCA she developed reporting which drove up accommodation occupancy and decreased debtors. At Northampton Probation she worked with the Judiciary and Magistracy to drive changes adopted by the National Probation Directorate in sentencing reporting - saving hundreds of thousands of pounds. At Northants Local Criminal Justice Board she navigated through 7 CEO departments to drive reporting changes which led to significant savings and improved performance.

Data Fixes

With an eye for detail The Capable Manager has traced data issues in complex legacy systems in large public organisations. In one case the total number of 'solved crimes' in Northamptonshire went up 2% by uncovering and reassigning misplaced offence codes. In another instance, she secured a large on-target budget payment by chasing down an data issue, first recognised by a missed target, discovered a data entry error, correcting this, and then put in place process-maps and training for future data-entry.